Our Products

Regular cones

Our Cones

Throughout the year we have different truffle and caramel flavors available in shops and online. Each cone has 10 delicious pieces inside.

Limited Editions

Limited Edition Cones

For special times of year like Christmas and Valentine we create “Limited Edition” cones. A local Whistler artist draws the paper with a theme that matches the season and we make a special truffle or caramel for you to enjoy.  Scroll down to sign up for our newsletter to find out what the next one is and when it’s available!

Mini cones

Mini Cones

Are you getting married or organizing an event? These minis are perfect treats for that. Each mini cone has 4 pieces inside. They are available on special order only. Send us an email if you would like more information.

Customized cones

Custom Cones

Both the regular and the mini cones you can customize if you would like to have a more personal touch. The label on the front as well as the wrapper can have your message on it. It can be a date, a name, a drawing or your company logo… Send us an email if you would like more information or want to run an idea by us, we would love to hear from you!

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